Track: Knockhill International

Knockhill International

Track Length: 1.300mi
Track Type Circuit    Track Variant International
Turns: 9
Difficulty: N
Address:  Fife,Scotland. UK
GPS Coordinates: 56.1297483,-3.5085714 View on Google Maps
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Description: The circuit has two layouts, the 1.3 miles International layout with 9 corners and the 1 mile National layout with 10 corners. On both layouts the circuit is 10 metres wide[13] and has a total elevation change of 37 metres. A Porsche at the top of Duffus Dip A lap of Knockhill, beginning at the start line (which unusually for a motor racing circuit is at a different point to the finish line. Whilst the start line is roughly in the middle of the pit straight, the finish line is situated slightly to the west, towards the final corner), first involves passing over the crest which marks the highest point of the circuit. The circuit then levels out and passes under the pedestrian bridge before a short braking zone preceding the first of the nine corners, Duffus Dip, a fast, blind apexed downhill right hand corner widely regarded as one of the most challenging corners in the United Kingdom. At the foot of this decline is a quick left hand corner named Leslie's[10] followed swiftly by a tricky braking zone, due to vehicles possibly still being unsettled from the levelling out of the track through Leslie's, for the next corner, a ninety degree right hand bend named McIntyre's. A car in Renault Formula 1 colours at Clark's corner After the exit of McIntyre's there is a short straight leading to the next corner, a shallow right hand corner named Butcher's. After this the track dips downward (reaching the lowest point of the circuit) before rising fairly steeply upwards towards another very challenging corner. The Chicane is a challenge because the second, right hand part of the corner is completely blind and drivers do not see the apex of the second part until after they have turned in and it is this combined with the presence of a sausage kerb on the inside of the track to deter corner cutting that results in vehicles often going through the chicane on two wheels (and occasionally off the ground completely). After a run down the short back straight comes the next corner, Clark's, a blind uphill right hander, frequently the scene of vehicles getting onto two wheels and/or running wide into the gravel located on the outside of the corner. Fairly quickly following this is a corner now named Hislop's but previously named Railway, in reference to the fact that it is this section of the track that runs along the location of the old railway line. This corner is a left handed kink taken at relatively high speeds. Some Volkswagens at Taylor's hairpin Then comes the second longest straight of the circuit, also named Railway, where vehicles often slipstream one another in preparation for the heaviest braking zone belonging to the ninth and final corner. Taylor's is a hairpin corner that is one of the tightest found anywhere in the UK. It has an uphill apex, is arguably the best overtaking point of the circuit and was previously known as the Real Radio Hairpin for sponsorship reasons. Upon exit from Taylor's vehicles accelerate hard on the part uphill pit straight towards the finish line.

Top 20 Fastest Laptimes:

Racer Car Name Best Lap Time Date & Time
RG8Formula X00:00:39:53307/04/2022 15:14:06
RG7Formula X00:00:42:57707/04/2022 15:14:06
RG6Formula X00:00:44:61707/04/2022 15:14:06
RG8Formula X00:00:48:24027/10/2021 12:18:37
RG3RenaultMeganeTrophyV600:00:48:49722/11/2021 14:52:38
RG8McLarenP1GTR00:00:49:56715/06/2021 17:05:09
RG3Caterham Seven 620 R00:00:49:73028/07/2020 20:59:53
RG2RenaultMeganeTrophyV600:00:49:78322/11/2021 14:52:38
RG8BMW M6 GT300:00:49:87313/04/2022 12:57:50
RG4Renault Clio Cup00:00:50:16327/07/2020 19:31:36
RG8Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ40000:00:51:02308/06/2022 17:37:54
RG4Audi S1 EKS RX quattro00:00:51:13727/02/2022 20:04:59
RG6Porsche 911 GT3 R Endurance00:00:51:22013/04/2022 12:57:50
RG6KTM X-Bow R00:00:51:28028/03/2022 20:56:31
RG1Caterham Seven 620 R00:00:51:39301/10/2020 20:31:36
RG8Ford Escort RS1600 (Racing)00:00:51:45308/11/2021 21:01:59
RG6Ford Escort RS1600 (Racing)00:00:51:48712/01/2022 20:45:54
RG7Caterham SP/300.R00:00:51:60029/05/2022 16:23:08
RG7Porsche 918 Spyder Weissach00:00:51:85728/10/2021 19:51:34
RG4Caterham Seven 620 R00:00:52:05028/07/2020 20:59:52